Hello World!

Welcome to netapp.io home of thePub,  NetApp's new community built around developers and operators, just like you.  We learn from each other, writing code out in the open, to help manage and consume all of the NetApp goodness out there using the latest tools and technologies.

thePub It's an idea that began on netapp.github.io, that started as the location for all of our OpenStack material. Not only have we outgrown that by participating in so many more open initiatives like Containers, Configuration Management and CI/CD, but this is a journey that we're taking together, which means that we need an open community to succeed.

Our mission is to encourage collaboration, share tips and tricks, debate ideas and have a lot of fun doing it. Don't expect any highly polished marketing here, this is the real deal: working together to get the job done.

Things you can expect to find:

  • Code
  • Technical blogs and videos
  • Places we can get together virtually and physically
  • NetApp Community forums for posting questions and finding answers.
  • And other stuff as we figure out the rest together...

So, let me introduce some of our barkeeps, the ones who will be helping to curate this site:

  • Andrew (Sully) Sullivan - Technical Marketing Engineer, but don't hold that against him.  He really spends a lot of time working on our container technology.
  • Erik Mulder - Product Marketing for DevOps.  Don't worry, he's one of the good marketing guys.
  • Garrett Mueller - Technical Director and Head Barnacle.  I'm not sure which title is more illustrious, but he does act as the visionary leader of our Docker and container integrations, code-named BARNACLE, which stands for something...
  • Josh Atwell - Developer Advocate and general trouble maker.  This guy is all over the place making the case for how developers should be adopting better practices for managing data.
  • Marty Turner - TME Manager / Product Owner / and any other hats that need wearing.  Detail oriented and level headed, Marty keeps us honest.
  • Rob Esker - OpenStack Product Manager and community celebrity.  A fearless defender of open source community culture, Rob has blazed a trail for NetApp as a visionary leader in the OpenStack community -- it's no surprise that he's a former Marine.
  • Brendan Wolfe - That's me, Solutions Marketing for OpenStack & Containers.  Well liked by all for my witty banter and good cheer.

So come find us on Slack and let me finish with our motto: "quid promulgabis"? (What will you publish?)


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