Automating IaaS for DevOps on FlexPod with Puppet

Hi! I’m Amit Borulkar, an engineer here at NetApp in the Converged Infrastructure group. My interactions and conversations with customers yield a common trend that I’ve observed over the past year: the walls between development and operations are being torn down by DevOps practices. Once those customers implement DevOps practices, they achieve the following: increased … Read more

NetApp Persistent Storage in Kubernetes: Using ONTAP and NFS

Kubernetes is an open source project for orchestrating deployment, operations, and scaling of containerized applications. It is a Google project which was made available in June 2014 and was accepted to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation in March of 2016. The community surrounding Kubernetes has exploded since June 2014 and it has emerged as one … Read more

Hey Storage Engineer- Tell Me About Backups in OpenStack!

Many organizations have a dedicated cloud or application development team that leverages OpenStack API for resource provisioning and management. Others have a dedicated storage team that rely on OpenStack for block, file, and object storage. Regardless of the type of organization you work in, taking backups of your tenants’ data can reduce data loss, and … Read more

Practical Windows Container for SQL Server ā€“ WinDocks & NetApp

This is a guest post by Pat Sinthusan, Technical Marketing Engineer for NetApp. Containers are a vehicle for building and shipping applications or services. Since 2013 their use has exploded within the Linux community, but Windows has not seen similar adoption because of the lack of native container support within their platform. Windows Server 2016 … Read more

Deploying OpenStack with DevStack

We’ve had a couple of questions about deploying DevStack with Vagrant. In the following post, I will help provide a prescriptive process to make this easy. Install Virtual Box and Vagrant Spin up an Ubuntu 14.04 VM

Uncomment and modify the configuration file (Vagrantfile) the following way using a text editor such as vim: … Read more

Manila – Experience It Through Demos!

Join us at OpenStack Summit, Austin on Tuesday, April 26th at 2:50pm for our Manila: Experience It Through Demos! session. I will be co-presenting this session with Dustin Schoenbrun from Red Hat. We are actively engaged in providing exciting demos for Manila, targeting use cases and features such as: WordPress, showcasing multiple Manila features. SAP … Read more

Putting the NetApp Manageability SDK into Docker Containers

The NetApp Manageability SDK, usually shortened to NMSDK, contains the libraries used by many applications to connect and execute actions against NetApp systems. It has libraries for, among others, Java, .NET, Perl, Python, Ruby, and compiled C/C++ binaries for various *nix flavors as well, which means that regardless of your platform, you can write applications … Read more