Understanding and Troubleshooting the NetApp Manageability SDK

The NetApp Manageability SDK (NMSDK) is an extremely powerful resource for programmatically interacting with your NetApp ONTAP systems. Included with the NMSDK is the ZExplore Development Interface which will auto-generate the relevant code that you will need to execute. With ZExplore at your disposal, the only steps required to create a new script is: Look … Read more

CI/CD pipeline with Apprenda, Jenkins, and ONTAP 9 with APIs

Continuous Integration (CI) tests the code in an iterative and automated process to improve code quality by identifying bugs in the code in the early stages. CI allows developers to respond to market demands and release applications a lot quicker by having more control over the workflow. CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise is one of the most … Read more

Ansible modules for NetApp Storage Platforms: Making Configuration Management Awesome with Ansible

I very clearly remember the first time I wished I could automate something. Now although we still do not have a way to automate school homework (sigh), the Ansible modules for NetApp’s Clustered Data ONTAP, SolidFire, and E-Series platforms are finally available! During NetApp’s Insight Event at Las Vegas (which was awesome by the way), … Read more

Certificate based authentication with the NetApp Manageability SDK for ONTAP

The NetApp Manageability SDK, or NMSDK, provides resources that you can use to develop applications which monitor and manage NetApp storage systems running ONTAP.  As a long time NetApp Systems Engineer, with an interest in automation, I’ve been using the NMSDK for over a decade. Despite having some significant experience scripting with the NMSDK, and … Read more

Cinder Replication with NetApp : The perfect cheesecake recipe!

Warning: Some of this content may be outdated. For an updated perspective, see There and Back Again: An OpenStack Tale.   Written by Goutham Pacha Ravi & Sumit Kumar 53% ! Yup, that’s the percentage of organizations that can tolerate less than an hour of downtime before significant revenue loss!1 Here comes Cheesecake to the rescue! … Read more

NetApp Gets Serious About Developers @ Insight 2016

For reals… This will be the first time ever the Insight expo will have a dedicated area to meet with NetApp’s best and brightest techies and developers.  The crew from ThePub will  be running the DevCafe so that attendees can come learn about the work NetApp is doing to engage with the developer & open source community.  DevOps! … Read more