There and Back Again: An OpenStack Tale

By Chad Morgenstern and Jenny Yang Disasters happen for multiple reasons ranging from site failures to regional failures to human errors. Remember the Hyperscaler site failures over the past few years?  If It happens, are you prepared for it? Being at a storage company, living and working in 3rd platform, we are particularly interested in … Read more

How to use certificate verification with the NetApp ONTAP OpenStack Cinder driver

How to configure SSL with certificate verification HTTPS uses SSL to make the HTTP connection secure, but SSL doesn’t actually provide much security at all unless certificate verification is enabled. In the vast majority of deployments, verification is turned off, because it’s difficult to setup properly, and therefore most of the benefit of SSL isn’t … Read more

Cinder Replication with NetApp : The perfect cheesecake recipe!

Warning: Some of this content may be outdated. For an updated perspective, see There and Back Again: An OpenStack Tale.   Written by Goutham Pacha Ravi & Sumit Kumar 53% ! Yup, that’s the percentage of organizations that can tolerate less than an hour of downtime before significant revenue loss!1 Here comes Cheesecake to the rescue! … Read more

NetApp and Mirantis: MOS 9.0 Reference Architecture and Fuel Plugin

Co-written with Christian Huebner, Storage Architect, Mirantis NetApp and Mirantis are pleased to announce the MOS 9.0 NetApp Mirantis Unlocked Reference Architecture and Fuel plugin for the Mitaka-based Mirantis OpenStack 9.0 with NetApp’s leading enterprise storage platforms, ONTAP and E-Series. This combination of resources makes it easier for you to architect and deploy OpenStack with … Read more