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Deploying StorageGRID in a Kubernetes Cluster

NetApp’s StorageGRID object store is very easy to use, but it can be challenging to get all of the right infrastructure together to deploy it, especially if you just want to try it out. But under the covers it’s built and deployed as container images, and recent...

Can you keep a secret?

As I have mentioned in the past, the normal way of commutation for Ansible, SSH, is not possible with the NetApp systems.  We use http and https communications.  This however requires a username and password combination for each task run. Interactive playbooks can...

Just the facts ma’am.

One of the things about Ansible that makes it so useful, is its ability to gather information about a system that can then be used in the tasks you run.  Because of how the NetApp modules work, this feature isn’t core to them. However, for ONTAP there is the...

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