Deploying OpenStack with DevStack

We’ve had a couple of questions about deploying DevStack with Vagrant. In the following post, I will help provide a prescriptive process to make this easy.

  • Install Virtual Box and Vagrant
  • Spin up an Ubuntu 14.04 VM

  • Uncomment and modify the configuration file (Vagrantfile) the following way using a text editor such as vim:

  • Reload the VM and connect to it

  • Check memory

    If the memory is not ~6GB (minimum recommended is 4GB), please perform these steps to reload this DevStack VM, and check once more:

  • Install pre-requisites and clone the DevStack repository

    Your console should now look something like this:


  • Within the devstack directory, update the local.conf file by copy-pasting the text below:

  • Install DevStack

    At the end of the install, which can take more than 20 minutes, you should see a screen similar to what’s shown below:


    Once you source openrc, you will be able to exercise the OpenStack CLI. In the event that the install does not end successfully, you need to unstack and clean your DevStack install before running stack once again.

Thanks to my team member, Sumit, and a couple of our Devs – Chuck and Goutham for assisting me along the way. Hope you found this helpful! Have fun with DevStack and NetApp!

Akshai Parthasarathy

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