If you are looking to use NetApp storage with Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8, wait no longer. Cinder drivers for NetApp's clustered Data ONTAP (All Flash FAS, FAS), SolidFire, and E-Series/EF-Series have been tested and certified with the Liberty version of Red Hat OpenStack Platform. Our flagship clustered Data ONTAP operating system for All Flash FAS/FAS provides rich data management capabilities. SolidFire, now part of NetApp, provides scalable and performant storage for OpenStack. Economical E-Series/EF-Series storage arrays offer simple low-touch administration with low-latency and high-capacity.

If you are considering converged infrastructure for OSP8, please take a look at the FlexPod offering, and refer to this Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8 with FlexPod Reference Architecture.

Start using NetApp products with OSP8 today and let us know of any questions below or through the OpenStack@NetApp community forum!

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