Announcing the NetApp Docker Volume Plugin SolidFire Driver

Just a short time ago the BARNACLE team at NetApp announced the availability of the open source NetApp Docker Volume Plugin (nDVP). Three weeks ago we announced the addition of the nDVP’s E-Series driver. Today we are ecstatic to announce the availability of the nDVP’s SolidFire driver, bringing native Docker integration to all three of … Read more

Volume Options with the NetApp Docker Volume Plugin

The NetApp Docker Volume Plugin (nDVP) provides connectivity between Docker containers and NetApp storage platforms. One of the more powerful features exposed by the plugin is the ability to provide additional information about each volume as it is created. These options are specific to each storage platform (ONTAP, SolidFire, and E-Series) based on their individual … Read more

Using the NetApp Docker Volume Plugin with Docker Compose

Docker Compose allows users to define an application which consists of multiple services, each of which run as an independent container, by using a single definition file. The file describes any inter-dependencies the services have, as well as details like their network and storage requirements, in a straightforward manner that’s easy to maintain. Taking it … Read more

NetApp Persistent Storage in Kubernetes: Using ONTAP and iSCSI

We recently published a post which described how to integrate NFS storage from clustered Data ONTAP into the Kubernetes persistent storage paradigm. This post expands on that by using clustered Data ONTAP to present iSCSI storage to the Kubernetes cluster for use by applications. The Kubernetes PersistentVolume API provides several plugins for integrating your storage … Read more