Hello from 39,000 feet! I’m currently on a flight to Las Vegas, where I’ll be attending NetApp Insight 2016 (September 26-29). Believe me when I say this – my first NetApp conference was mind-blowingly informative! I was fresh out of college, and was ready to soak in as much information as I could about all things NetApp – I wasn’t let down.

Walking around the expo floor, being mesmerized by the demos on display, and talking one-on-one with the experts behind some of the awesome technologies is undoubtedly one of my favorite things. I don’t think anyone would disagree that visual demos make it really simple to understand some of the complex and innovative solutions and technologies around us – also, seeing is believing, right?

For example, a demo that has been created by my colleague, Clinton Knight, for this year’s DevCafé at Insight makes it really simple to explain the vision behind NetApp’s Data Fabric. In just 6 minutes, the demo walks you through Manila – the OpenStack fileshare-as-a-service, and shows how you can replicate fileshares on-prem (in your private OpenStack cloud) to public clouds (such as AWS, or Azure), or even NPS (NetApp Private Storage)!

Sounds simple, right? It is! NetApp’s FlexClone technology can also make the process fast and reliable! This can be extremely helpful in a multitude of different use-cases such as disaster recovery, migration of applications, etc. I’m also sure one would appreciate the flexibility it can provide in a hybrid cloud deployment.

Clinton will be available at the DevCafé to walk you through the demo and answer any questions you may have. For more details on the DevCafé, check out this post: NetApp Gets Serious About Developers @ Insight 2016

We also have a bunch of other demos this year. So whether you’re interested in learning about backups in OpenStack, live migration of OpenStack VMs, or creating a development pipeline that leverages Docker containers and NetApp’s SnapMirror technology – we’ve got you covered.

I am really looking forward to an exciting, informative, and busy Insight! If you’re attending, please come say hello! Also, don’t forget to join our Slack channel to stay in touch with us directly.


Sumit Kumar on Twitter
Sumit Kumar
Sumit joined NetApp as a Technical Marketing Engineer for OpenStack in May 2015. He has been an active participant in various Openstack meetups, and has presented sessions on various topics in multiple OpenStack forums. He is very excited about the future and potential of OpenStack, Docker containers, and various infrastructure and DevOps tools!

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