NetApp would like to congratulate the OpenStack Community on the Newton release of OpenStack, which is available as of today.

This time around, there is a strong focus on making it easier to use containers with OpenStack, and this theme touched several of the OpenStack projects. Here is a summary of some of the new features found in the Newton release:

Improved Scalability

The Newton release significantly reduces architectural and functional barriers to scalability, including the ability to scale up or down across platforms and geographies. This further cements OpenStack’s dominance as a solution for clouds of all sizes. Enhancements include improved scale-up/scale-down capabilities in Nova, Horizon and Swift; progress with Cells V2; the addition of convergence by default in Heat; and multi-tenancy improvements in Ironic.

Enhanced Resiliency

Newton also is notable for its advancements in high availability, adaptability, and self-healing, thus giving operators further assurance of stability regardless of workload demands. Cinder, Ironic, Neutron and Trove are among the projects that deliver improved availability/high availability functionality. For example, Cinder adds adds support for retyping encrypted to unencrypted volumes and vice versa. Additional enhancements in Cinder include micro-version support, the ability to delete volumes with snapshots using the cascading feature, and backup service that can be scaled to multiple instances. Security improvements are included in Newton as well; for example, Keystone offers upgrades that include PCI compliance and encrypted credentials.

Expanded Versatility

The Newton release significantly advances OpenStack as the one cloud platform for virtualization, bare metal and containers. Magnum now offers provisioning for container orchestration tools, namely Swarm, Kubernetes and Mesos. Magnum’s new features include an operator-centric Install Guide, support for pluggable drivers, support for Kubernetes clusters via Ironic, and asynchronous cluster creation. For bare metal provisioning, Ironic adds multi-tenant networking and tighter integration with Magnum, Kubernetes and Nova; also, Kolla now supports deploying to Ironic. Kuryr brings Neutron networking capabilities to containers, making Swarm integration and Kubernetes integration available for the first time. Another Kuryr highlight is the capability to nest VMs through integration with Magnum and Neutron (early release).

As most of you know, NetApp is a big supporter of the Manila project (Fileshare-as-a-Service) and our own Ben Swartzlander is the Project-Team-Lead (PTL).  Here he is talking about what’s new in the Newton Manila release:

See everybody in Barcelona…cheers!

Brendan Wolfe
Marketing Manager - OpenStack & Containers at NetApp
A marketing guy with a product management background. Yes, I used to be a programmer too.

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