Using Persistent Storage for your OpenShift Applications with Trident

OpenShift is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering built around Docker container packaging and uses Kubernetes for orchestration of containerized application deployments across a cluster. One of the exciting features of Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 3.4, which integrates Kubernetes 1.4, is the introduction of StorageClass objects. Prior to this, storage volumes had to … Read more

How to use certificate verification with the NetApp ONTAP OpenStack Cinder driver

How to configure SSL with certificate verification HTTPS uses SSL to make the HTTP connection secure, but SSL doesn’t actually provide much security at all unless certificate verification is enabled. In the vast majority of deployments, verification is turned off, because it’s difficult to setup properly, and therefore most of the benefit of SSL isn’t … Read more

Trident Part I: An Introduction to Kubernetes Persistent Storage

Recently NetApp released an open source project known as Trident, the first external storage provisioner for Kubernetes leveraging on-premises storage. Prior to release 1.4, Kubernetes had the ability to dynamically assign storage to applications using its persistent volume framework, however, this required pre-provisioning of storage resources introduced to Kubernetes by an administrator. Trident enables the use … Read more