Changing Mounted Script Directory for SolidFire PowerShell Docker Image

Last month the NetApp SolidFire integrations team released the latest PowerShell Tools for managing SolidFire systems. This release ( is the first release to also include direct support for the module outside of Microsoft Windows operating environments. Leveraging the recently open-sourced .Net Core, this release allows us to deploy the SolidFire PowerShell Tools on Linux, … Read more

nDVP is a Docker Certified Plugin!

NetApp recently announced that the NetApp Docker Volume Plugin (nDVP) is now a Docker Certified Plugin available from the Docker Store! What does that mean for you? It means that installing and managing the supported plugin is now extraordinarily easy. Docker Engine managed plugins are managed directly from the Docker command line, and deployed as … Read more

Trident Part 2: Installing and Configuring Trident

The first post in this series looked at the Kubernetes 1.4 storage provisioning paradigm and how Trident fits into it. This second video goes in depth into the process of installing and configuring Trident with your Kubernetes cluster. Specifically, we will show you how to download the package, deploy the Trident pod, configure storage back … Read more

Automate Cluster Setup in 12-Steps with ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit 4.1

With the latest release of the ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit, a new set of cluster cmdlets are now available that support cluster setup. The following cmdlets can be used for cluster setup: Add-NcCluster Add-NcClusterNode Get-NcClusterCreateProgress New-NcCluster Let’s walk through the process of using these cmdlets. A FAS2552 two-node switchless cluster will be the example system. The … Read more