SolidFire is proud to announce the release of a new Command Line Interface tool. We call it "sfcli". It can run anywhere Python runs, so your Mac, Windows, and Linux machines are all fair game now.

Click here to install the CLI from the SolidFire github repo.

This easy-to-use tool enables the following:

  1. Quickly install a fully functional interface to the JSON-RPC using pip.
  2. Get help on how to use the commands by accessing the inline help.
  3. Execute any command supported by NetApp SolidFire Element OS version 9.1.
  4. Utilize autofill on MacOS and Linux distributions to make constructing commands easier.
  5. Get responses in three different output formats: tree format, JSON format, and pickle format.
  6. Execute any non-public commands by using sfcli sfapi invoke with the necessary method name and parameters.
  7. Achieve the same functionality as the SDKs without ever opening an editor.
  8. Establish and store connection information locally.

The SolidFire CLI is for users who prefer a standard CLI to over our SolidFire PowerShell module. It integrates as you would expect with bash. Here's a screenshot of the --help screen.

All the instructions for installation and use can be found on the SolidFire CLI GitHub repo. You will also find the User Guide and Release Notes there.

Install the SolidFire CLI today!

About Adam Haid

Adam Haid is a Sr. Engineer on the SolidFire Host Integrations team. His passion is APIs. He creates, consumes, and curses APIs on a daily basis. Adam has been working on integrations and back-end systems for over 20 years. He specializes in Microsoft technologies but has built many Java-based applications as well. Contact Adam at

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