NetApp is thrilled to have contributed to and congratulates the OpenStack Community on the Pike release of OpenStack.  The OpenStack Foundation's Pike press release mentions a lot of new and exciting features across the board.  In this blog, we call out a few that are of particular interest to us.

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Cinder: Volume Groups

Cinder now supports the new generic "volume group" capability, which supports both traditional and write-consistent snapshots across multiple volumes.  For more information, see the Cinder documentation. Though not yet deprecated, the advent of the "volume group" feature appears to be the beginning of the end for the older "consistency groups" feature.

Manila: Asynchronous User Messages

Manila now supports asynchronous user messages, allowing end users to diagnose problems with their requests to Manila much more easily. Furthermore, "Guru Meditation Reports" are supported to debug and obtain Manila process information.

Manila: Telemetry

Manila now supports telemetry, see this link for more details. Support for this feature is still limited as share usage tracking is currently only supported with the LVM driver.

Manila: Quotas

Manila now supports share type quotas. Administrators can now limit resource consumption based on Manila share types.  By way of example, share type "X" may only be limited to create 20 shares irrespective of tenant.

Manila: Quality of Service

Added to the ONTAP Manila driver is support for Quality of Service extra specs. With these extra specs, storage throughput limits may be applied, and I/O rates may be monitored.  For more information on how to implement this feature, see the example usage here.

Manila: Share Groups

The ONTAP Manila driver now supports "share groups". This feature allows users to create, delete and snapshot a group of shares as a single management object.  This group snapshot can be a consistent snapshot across all of the constituent shares. In future releases, Manila developers intend to add more group-based features such as replication and migration.  Please see the spec for more details.

The introduction of this feature deprecates the "consistency group" feature.  The "consistency groups" feature has been removed in the Pike release of Openstack.

Documentation: Deployment and Operations Guide

To learn more about NetApp and OpenStack, see NetApp's newly designed Deployment and Operations Guide, which now allows users to contribute by suggesting changes and improvements.


We hope to see everyone in Sydney, cheers!

About Chad Morgenstern

Chad is a 10 -year veteran at NetApp having held positions In both escalations, reference architecture teams, and most recently as part of the workload performance team where he contributed to significant understandings of AFF performance for things such as VDI environments, working on the SPC-1 benchmark, and more. In addition, Chad spent time building automated tools and frameworks for performance testing with a few of them based on opensource technologies such as cloud and containers.

Chad is happily married and is the father of four daughters, and soon to be owner of two ferrets.

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