It's exciting to see how much difference a year makes. Since launching thePub we've grown this little community from a small band of people focused on our open source initiatives to connecting thousands of people each month on topics such as OpenStack, Containers, DevOps, CI/CD, configuration management, APIs/SDKs, and more. has enabled us to show our partners and customers how to engage with NetApp and our vast ecosystem of partners on a daily basis. We learn from each other, writing code out in the open, to help manage and consume all of the NetApp goodness with the latest tools and technologies. 

ThePub has also been a strong presence at numerous events and next week we’ll be engaging with you face to face at our CodeOn Bar in Las Vegas at Insight. Join us to network with peers, NetApp engineers and open-source developers who work to deliver code to the world’s data centers. Follow us on Twitter to see who’s collaborating at the CodeOn Bar.

In a short period of time we’ve built a kick ass community of contributors and engaged thousands of infrastructure professionals and developers. Thank you for your engagement - we’re proud to have you as a part of the team. In our second year you’ll see us continue to live our mission: to encourage collaboration, share tips and tricks, debate ideas and have a lot of fun doing it.

In true Pub style, let us ask you that all important question: “quid promulgabis“? (What will you publish?)

About Aubrey Muhlach

Aubrey is a marketing manager for NetApp where she engages in building lively content and success stories for DevOps and containers initiatives. Outside of work, Aubrey spends her time enjoying the Colorado sunshine and planning her next travel adventures.

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