On February 28th, the OpenStack community released its 17th version, codenamed Queens. As a leader in commercial storage solutions for OpenStack, NetApp added new features to Cinder and Manila.

Cinder New Features
Cinder now supports dynamic adjustment of overprovisioning space for volumes based on a calculation of free space in the backend, committed space, and used space. As a result, you no longer need to calculate oversubscribed ratios. This eliminates guesswork, especially when using dedup and thin provisioning. To use this all you have to do is set 'max_oversubscription_ratio' in either DEFAULT or your defined backend to "auto" and then when you create your cinder type add the key "thin_provision = true"

Manila New Features
Manila now supports IPv6 for all those shops moving over to the new and improved network address method. Remember there is no place like ::1. Manila also has a new extra-spec ‘netapp_flexvol_encryption’ which will automatically create the share FlexVols with encrypt true settings for NVE enabled ONTAP systems.

OpenStack and Containers
Queens also saw the project Loci go to release 1.0. Loci are pre-built docker images with the binaries for all the major services offered by OpenStack. The OpenStack-Helm project then aims to make these deployable in an automated way, allowing full OpenStack running under Kubernetes for auto scale-up, easier upgrade, and a simplified installation. A large challenge though is how to handle persistent storage such as the configuration files for all these services or the database they store information in. To address this, NetApp developed Trident, a dynamic storage provisioner for Kubernetes, OpenShift, and Docker. Trident makes it easy provision persistent storage from ONTAP and SolidFire systems. With Trident, you can easily store your application files, database, config, log directories and more on persistent storage.

NetApp continues to be a leader in supporting open source technologies. To find out more about our innovative open source solutions, please visit:

OpenStack on thePub and on netapp.com
Containers on thePub and on netapp.com
Queens documentation for NetApp drivers can be found at https://netapp-openstack-dev.github.io/openstack-docs/queens/.

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