Hello and welcome! You are at the right place to get started with Trident.
Trident is a simple, yet powerful dynamic provisioner that integrates with Kubernetes Persistent Volume framework and provides a unified interface for storage provisioning from NetApp ONTAP, SolidFire/HCI, E-Series storage systems, and soon for NetApp Cloud Volumes. It is deployed as a highly available Kubernetes deployment and communicates with the API server to process pod storage requests in the form of Persistent Volume Claims (PVCs)

How do I Install Trident?
Select from the following environment types to see a video tailored for your experience:

    • If you are using a Kubernetes CaaS distribution to deploy your application, this video will demonstrate how Trident can is installed for Kubernetes:   Trident Installation for Kubernetes
    • If your secure production or development environment doesn’t allow you to connect to public repositories and requires that all the images need to be pulled from a local repository,  this video will illustrate how Trident can be installed for Kubernetes in offline mode:  Offline Trident Installation for Kubernetes
    • If you are using PaaS platform offerings like Red Hat OpenShift to deploy your application, this video will illustrate how Trident can be installed for OpenShift:   Trident Installation for Openshift
    • Trident can also be used for deploying volumes for docker containers. This video will illustrate how you can Install Trident for docker:   Trident Installation for Docker

Configure and Use
Now that Trident is installed and working, the following video will show how Trident can be configured and used for Kubernetes and OpenShift:  Configure and Use

Experience Trident
Start using Trident and experience how provisioning volumes from NetApp storage for containers can be done dynamically and effortlessly.

We know you will have more questions about things which concern you. We haven’t covered every possible scenario, and probably never will, so please reach out to us on our Slack channel or the Github site.  We’re happy to help!

About Jacob Andathethu

A dynamic professional with over 13 years of experience working in Data Storage Industry [NetApp and Dell-EMC]
Currently working as a Technical Marketing Engineer for Open Ecosystem Products in NetApp (Docker,Docker Swarm,Kubernetes, OpenShift).

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