We all know and love Trident. It makes provisioning volumes for containers a snap. After a simple Trident setup in a Kubernetes environment, a developer only needs to create a persistent volume claim and call it from their deployment/application. Trident does the rest – dynamically provision the volume on your NetApp backend and provide the volume to your containers.

Now, it gets even better as we provide this functionality also with Cloud Volume Services (CVS)! With Trident 19.04 Beta, NetApp introduces a preview release of Trident integration with CVS for Amazon Web Services (AWS) – giving you the ability to have Trident’s functionality both on-prem as well as in the cloud.

What is CVS?

NetApp’s CVS lets you create and/or bring your data to the cloud! It is a fully managed, cloud native storage solution that is dynamically scalable with all the advanced NetApp data management features you have come to expect – including snapshots and cloning. It also provides great performance and throughput. CVS for AWS provisions NFS or SMB file service within seconds – getting your application and associated data delivered to your end users faster.

What does this Integration Mean?

By running Trident with CVS for AWS, we can now automatically provision storage for containers in the cloud. When you re-deploy containers from on-prem to the cloud, rest assured that the storage just works.

The CVS service levels, extreme, premium, and standard are all configurable, along with specifying an AWS region.

While we have thoroughly tested this, it is still in Beta, which means it’s available but not officially supported yet. NetApp recommends deploying it for testing purposes only.  It will be supported for production soon!

Try it Out!

Go to cloud.netapp.com to sign up for CVS. All the documentation needed to configure the backend for Trident with CVS on AWS is located on our 19.04 beta doc page. All the Trident docs are located here.  Let us know how it goes on our slack #containers channel, we would love to hear from you!


About Diane Patton

Diane is a Technical Marketing Engineer with NetApp, in the open eco-systems group supporting Docker, Kubernetes, and OpenShift integration with NetApp products. She works with product management, marketing, and development to evangelize, support, and help drive new technologies into Trident, the open source storage provisioner for containers maintained by NetApp. Diane has over 20 years experience in the IT industry (Optical DWDM, Layer 2, Layer 3, container networking, storage), holds CCIE 2537 Emeritus, and has a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering. When not working on open technologies, you will find Diane on a tennis court.

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