This summer, the Trident team has something new to offer! As part of the 19.07 Alpha release, Trident includes the following new features that make it easier to integrate with Kubernetes. It is important to note that the 19.07 Alpha release is meant for Greenfield deployments only and is not meant to be used for a production environment. The Alpha release provides a convenient way for users to familiarize themselves with a couple of key constructs in an isolated dev/test environment.  It is not to be considered for upgrading to the 19.07 GA release and is strictly meant for dev/test setups.


You can download the Trident v19.07.0-alpha.1 installer bundle from the Trident GitHub repo.


Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) for Kubernetes: 


Trident is adopting CRDs to maintain stateful information required by Trident itself, as opposed to creating it's own etcd. This makes it simpler and less error-prone, and is better aligned with the evolution of Kubernetes. It is easier than ever to obtain an overview of resources created. Parameters such as volumes, backends and storage classes can be queried and retrieved using  kubectl as opposed to tridentctl.

Note: Editing the CRDs created by Trident is not advised. While it is possible to edit the CRDs  by doing a kubectl edit, these changes may not be picked up by Trident and can disrupt regular operation.

Be sure to check out Extending Kubernetes to Manage Trident’s State for a detailed description on how CRDs work and simplify the overall user experience for the Kubernetes administrator. 


Container Storage Interface (CSI) Support, with Snapshots: 


Trident has come a long way since providing a CSI preview in the 18.07 release. As CSI continues to gain traction in the container ecosystem, CSI Trident now supports the creation of volume snapshots and clones from snapshots. Volume Snapshots is an Alpha feature in Kubernetes 1.13+ and subject to change. Head over to All New CSI Trident! and Using Snapshots with CSI Trident which provide a brief overview of CSI and the cool features that are exposed. Performing a CSI Trident install requires Kubernetes 1.13 or 1.14. Support for Kubernetes 1.15 is planned to be provided in the GA release of Trident 19.07. 

Here is a support matrix that explains feature support for the Kubernetes version in question: 


Kubernetes version  Trident version  CSI v1.0 Support  CRD Support 
1.11  19.07 Alpha  *   
1.12  19.07 Alpha  *   
1.13  19.07 Alpha     
1.14  19.07 Alpha     

 *- Kubernetes did not support CSI v1.0 until v1.13.


For more information regarding these new features introduced in Trident 19.07 Alpha, be sure to read the three associated blogs as stated above: Extending Kubernetes to Manage Trident’s State, All New CSI Trident! and Using Snapshots with CSI Trident. Please note that volume import is not  supported by the Alpha release. 

As always, reach out to us on our Slack workspace in the #containers channel for any questions and concerns.  

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