Normally is where you would go to get all the documentation for the modules you are using.  Currently this information is not updated from collections. As a result it is often out of date.  Red Hat has said they are making changes so that the URL (site) will automatically update from collections. In the meantime, how do you get new documentation?

There is an Ansible binary called ‘ansible-doc’.  This gets you all the documentation from a module formatted almost the exact same way as the webpage.  Pulling documentation is as simple as specifying the collection and module you want information on.  Here is an example for pulling the na_ontap_volume modules documentation:

ansible-doc netapp.ontap.na_ontap_volume

This command approach allows you to look up documentation for all the new features, as well as find examples for all the modules.

If you have any extra questions let us know over at our Slack workspace in the #configurationmgmt channel.  If you don’t yet have an invite to the Slack workspace you can get one at

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David Blackwell
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David is a twenty year IT veteran who has been an admin for just about every aspect of a DataCenter at one time or another. When not working, or tinkering with new software at home, David spends most of his free time with his six year old son and his lovely wife.

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