Active IQ is a digital advisor providing insights into NetApp environments allowing the proactive care and optimization of those systems.  The web-based dashboard ( makes it easy to monitor your systems and provides the steps to remediate any potential risks.

We are excited to announce that for firmware issues, Active IQ will now display an Ansible icon when you have one or more systems that need a firmware update.

Clicking this icon will allow you to download a package that contains:

  • An Ansible playbook
  • An Ansible variable file of the management LIF for all clusters affected by the firmware
  • The firmware update itself.

Once you place the firmware on an http server, you can run the playbook to automate the process of updating all the affected clusters.

Imagine, one cluster, or 100 clusters, or more. You can now update the firmware on all of them with one playbook and one command.  The playbook performs the following steps for all clusters:

  1. Verifies Ansible connection ability (Speak up on Slack if you have issues with connecting)
  2. Verifies Ansible user has command rights (but won’t change anything if it doesn’t)
  3. Runs a pre-upload autosupport.
  4. Has ONTAP download the firmware.

ONTAP will then automatically notice the updated firmware and start installing it on the proper objects within an hour or two.  All this happens non-disruptively.

We have more exciting things coming in the future so keep checking the Automation section on as well as to learn more about what we are doing.

As always you can reach us at our #configurationmgmt channel on #Slack with any questions you have about our certified Ansible modules for NetApp.  Don’t have an invitation to our Slack workspace? Get one here.

About David Blackwell

David is a twenty year IT veteran who has been an admin for just about every aspect of a DataCenter at one time or another. When not working, or tinkering with new software at home, David spends most of his free time with his six year old son and his lovely wife.

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