The OpenStack Ussuri release is now available! NetApp is proud to have contributed in the development of Cinder and Manila.

The Ussuri release includes the following new features and feature enhancements that are supported by NetApp's ONTAP and SolidFire storage platforms for your OpenStack deployment: 

  1. Ability to create shares from snapshots in aggregates and controllers other than the source share using Manila 

Manila now efficiently creates shares from snapshots even if the destination backend is not in the same storage pool (aggregate) as the source share. This feature provides more flexibility while creating shares from snapshots, since the destination can be a different storage system. While improving the service to achieve this behaviora new filter and weigher were added to the intelligence of the Manila scheduler service. If you want to use this feature, you will need to set a new option in the Manila configuration file to force the service to use the scheduler while creating shares from snapshots. Please check this information page to see some configuration examples.

  1. Manila quotas for replicas and replicagigabytes

New quotas for share replicas and replica gigabytes were added to the Manila quota system. When scheduling new share replicas, extension of sharethat support replication and managing shares that can be replicated, Manila will check if there are available quotas for this new resource before creating them. This feature improves the administrator’s control over the cloud resources as well as helping the administrator to provision the cloud resources based on tenants.

  1. Cinder SolidFire active/active replication support

The Ussuri release enables Active/Active (including replication) support for to the SolidFire driver. This allows users to configure SolidFire backends in clustered environments. 

This release also includes several bug fixes and code improvements. For a complete list of improvements, please refer to the OpenStack Cinder and Manila release notes. 

The latest iteration of the Deployment and Operations Guide contains information related to the Ussuri release, please check it out to learmore what NetApp has to offer for OpenStack. 

About Carlos Da Silva

Carlos is an OpenStack developer and open-source enthusiast that has been working to maintain the NetApp drivers for Manila and Cinder services for some releases. When not working, likes to spend some time with his family, reading some books or playing some fun games.

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