Step up your Automation game on StorageGRID

Performing repetitive tasks can be very boring and can feel like a waste of time. Automating these repetitive tasks can give back teams more time to focus on solving real problems. Which is why we decided to make it easier for StorageGRID users to manage and operate their day to day tasks by introducing Ansible Modules for StorageGRID. Now, Grid administrators and Tenant administrators of StorageGRID can automate away drudgery tasks by leveraging these Ansible Modules that provide a framework to turn day to day tasks into repeatable Ansible playbooks.

From today’s existing Ansible modules you have the ability to do the following on StorageGRID:

  • Create, modify and delete Tenant account
  • Create, modify, delete Grid admin group
  • Create, modify, delete Grid admin user
  • Set Grid DNS servers
  • Set Grid NTP servers
  • Set Grid Regions
  • Create, modify, delete Tenant group
  • Create, modify, delete Tenant user
  • Create S3 bucket
  • Create, delete S3 keys

StorageGRID Ansible modules can be accessed on Ansible Galaxy directly or you can also use the command “ansible-galaxy collection install netapp.storagegrid” on your terminal to get a copy.

Ansible modules for StorageGRID lets users combine these modules and create playbooks to accomplish their day to day tasks in an automated manner. For example, let's say you are the Administrator for StorageGRID and you have a new user who want to access a new S3 bucket on StorageGRID. You can create a playbook .yaml file that calls needed Ansible modules i.e. Create Tenant account with the appropriate permissions, Create a S3 bucket and Create S3 keys; in that order will let you accomplish this task. Once you have your .yaml file ready you just execute it against “ansible-playbook” and now you have an account  for your new user, a new bucket and S3 keys to access that bucket. For a more detailed steps on how to build your own playbook and run them checkout this blog post which walks you through the setup and execution of a playbook.

With the first set of Ansible modules we have, we will be updating and adding new modules to provide a feature rich collection for our users to perform their day to day tasks at ease. In addition to that, you Yes, You!! will also be able to add and update modules to StorageGRID’s Ansible collection. StorageGRID Ansible modules will follow the community supported model. Going forward we will be making the Ansible code available on GitHub for everyone to access code, contribute and request new Ansible modules and features.


Checkout our website for regular updates on Ansible modules for all NetApp products. For support related questions, feature requests and updates, join our Slack channel #configurationmgmt at

About Joseph Kandatilparambil

Joseph Kandatilparambil is a Solutions Architect for StorageGRID, with over 7 years of experience in the storage industry. Joseph helps with customer driven innovation by empowering customers with solutions that help them focus on driving their product forward and expand their horizons. Outside of work, Joseph enjoys kite-surfing, rock climbing and hiking.

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