I always look forward to summer. There’s something about the heat and the long days that makes me realize I failed at keeping up with most of my fitness resolutions from New Year’s. In all fairness, social distancing did play a part this year! That hasn’t deterred the Trident team, however. Another three months and another new release beckons. 20.07 is now here and with it comes a feature a lot of users have been asking for: import for ontap-san! But that’s not all! Here’s the rundown on what’s new:

  1. Import ONTAP SAN volumes: FlexVols with a single LUN can be imported as PVCs that use the ontap-san storage driver (since the ontap-san driver creates a FlexVol with one LUN for each PVC it provisions). Trident automatically renames the FlexVol and the LUN to manage it and access from your Kubernetes environment. As always, make sure to clone your volume and import if you are running multiple workloads.
  2. Upgrading with the Operator: Great news for all the Trident users looking to upgrade to the operator! You can upgrade to 20.07 using the Trident Operator as long as you are running CSI Trident (19.07 and above) and use CRDs. Long story short: You are good to go if you have CSI Trident 19.07 or later. Take a look at the docs to see how to proceed with this upgrade.
  3. Revamping Prometheus metrics: The past couple of releases have introduced metrics for Prometheus and 20.07 is no different. With status codes, operation descriptors and new metrics for usage (trident_snapshot_allocated_bytes, trident_volume_allocated_bytes) as well as health (trident_core_build_info, trident_core_backend_info) you can fetch a lot of information on Trident through Prometheus. The docs also provide some sample PromQL queries that help you get started on processing the data.
  4. Operator Permissions: The Trident Operator now comes with a narrower set of access requirements that encompass RBAC for the operator itself and for the Trident install it will manage.
  5. NFS4.1 support for CVS: The Azure NetApp Files (ANF), CVS-AWS and CVS-GCP drivers now support mounting volumes over NFSv4.1. Users can include the desired nfsMountOptions (nfsvers=3 or nfsvers=4) in their backend definition or their StorageClass.
  6. Cloning for ontap-nas-flexgroup volumes that are created on ONTAP 9.7 and above.

For a complete list be sure to take a look at the release notes. To understand Trident's upgrade and support policy, visit the NetApp Support site.

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The Trident documentation covers everything you need to get started with 20.07 today. Join our Slack community in the #containers channel to stay in touch.

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