One of the top requirements for today’s IT industry is automation with industry-standard techniques. NetApp is one of the first companies to create its own proprietary APIs (called Zephyr APIs or ONTAPI). NetApp created client libraries so that users could consume these APIs for automation in their storage environment. As a reader of this blog, you might wonder why NetApp is now creating REST APIs in addition to ONTAPI?


As Customers are moving away from proprietary APIs to Industry standard APIs, they want to standardize their automation with Industry Standard REST APIs. So, we have decided to invest in REST APIs.
Starting with version 9.6, ONTAP now includes a REST web services API that you can use to programmatically deploy and administer ONTAP storage resources. The ONTAP REST API can support the vast majority of ONTAP configuration activities, and it will be further enhanced in upcoming ONTAP releases.

REST has other advantages as well. For example, it performs well, and it is simple, highly scalable, and easy to modify and extend. Relative to ONTAP API (ZAPI), REST APIs are an industry standard, they integrate with third party tools that consumes REST, and they are a simplified way to automate ONTAP storage management.

ONTAPI to REST APIs Mapping document

To help existing users move to ONTAP REST APIs, we provide an ONTAPI-to-REST API mapping document that maps every ZAPI call to its corresponding REST API endpoint. Each ONTAPI call entry includes a list of applicable ONTAPI input parameters mapped to corresponding REST API attribute.

We strive for an ONTAP REST API that enables you to successfully modernize your automated processes as you transition from ONTAPI to REST. NetApp encourages you to familiarize yourself with the ONTAP REST API in preparation for this transition.

If you identify ONTAPI calls or parameters required by your automation processes that are not currently supported by the ONTAP REST API, provide the necessary information in this form so that the relevant features can be included in future updates.

For more information about ONTAP REST APIs, visit and for any queries, write to us in our slack channel #api


About Mahalakshmi G

Mahalakshmi works as Subject Matter Expert at NetApp with over 6 years of experience in Data Storage Industry. She is part of ONTAP Manageability Product Management team. She currently focuses on Automation and Tools portfolio such as ONTAP REST APIs, NetApp Manageability SDK and PSTK. She loves solving real-world customer issues and always looks for a way to automate complex storage management operations. Apart from work, Mahalakshmi is keen on music, an opacarophile, avid-book reader and enjoys traveling to historical places.

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