As Kubernetes continues to grow at light speed, one thing is sure: there is always going to be a new release around the corner that customers need to evaluate. Whether it be a new cluster or one that is already handling production workloads, deploying a new version of Kubernetes requires making specific critical decisions, such as:


  • Compatibility: Will my applications and plugins deployed on a specific Kubernetes version today work just fine if I upgrade?
  • Architectural overhaul: Are there fundamental changes in the software stack that can potentially impact my pipeline? Do I need to re-engineer the way I deploy and manage apps because of this?
  • Support: Are the third-party applications that I am using today supported on a new version of Kubernetes?


These are decisions that require understanding the bigger picture and as such, are not made overnight. At NetApp, the Trident team precisely understands this dilemma. Today we test against and support a wide range of Kubernetes versions [1.11 to 1.20]. This does not come easy; our testing framework is growing every day. With each new release comes an added complexity factor (new features, enhancements, and multiple storage drivers that need evaluating). It is easy to explain why we do it: Our goal is to ensure your Trident experience is smooth, seamless, and supported. It is not easy being a Kubernetes admin or a storage admin. Trident aims to change that.

With OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) 3.11 reaching End of Full Support in June 2021, Trident will retire its full support for OCP 3.11 in alignment with the schedule provided by Red Hat. Trident 21.04.x will be the last release that is supported with OpenShift 3.11.

Trident support for OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) 3.11


  • v21.04.x will be fully supported with OCP 3.11 until April 2022 and will be covered under limited support until April 2023.
  • Users are encouraged to plan their upgrades and move from OCP 3.11 to OCP 4.x before June 2022 (End of maintenance schedule for OCP 3.11).
  • Trident is fully compatible with OCP 4.x beginning with v19.10 and will continue to be supported against OCP 4.x releases.


We are listening


Concerns? You can reach out to us on Slack anytime. The containers channel is the place to go for all questions on Trident. 

About Bala RameshBabu

Bala is a Technical Marketing Engineer who focuses on Trident, NetApp's dynamic storage provisioner for Kubernetes and Docker. With a background in OpenStack, he focuses on open-source solutions and DevOps workflows. When not at work, you can find him in a soccer field or reading biographies

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