The Harvest team is excited to announce the release of Harvest2 21.05.  With this release the core of Harvest has been completely rewritten in Go. Harvest2 is a replacement for the older versions of Harvest 1.6 and below. If you're using one of the Harvest 2.x release candidates, you can do a direct upgrade. Going forward Harvest2 will follow a year.month.fix release naming convention with the first release being 21.05.0. See for details

You can get the newest release here from the Harvest github repository -

Here are all the new and improved things you will find in this release.

IMPORTANT v21.05 increased Harvest's out-of-the-box security posture - self-signed certificates are rejected by default. You have two options:

  1. Setup client certificates for each cluster
  2. Disable the TLS check in Harvest. To disable, you need to edit harvest.yml and add use_insecure_tls=true to each poller or add it to the Defaults section. Doing so tells Harvest to ignore invalid TLS certificates.

IMPORTANT RPM and Debian packages will be deprecated in the future, replaced with Docker and native packages.

IMPORTANT Harvest 1.6 is end of support. We recommend you upgrade to Harvest 21.05 to take advantage of the improvements.

Changes since rc2


  • Log mistyped exporter names and continue, instead of stopping
  • harvest grafana should work with custom harvest.yml files passed via --config
  • Harvest will try harder to stop pollers when they're stuck
  • Add Grafana version check to ensure Harvest can talk to a supported version of Grafana
  • Normalize rate counter calculations - improves latency values
  • Workload latency calculations improved by using related objects operations
  • Make cli flags consistent across programs and subcommands
  • Reduce aggressive logging; if first object has fatal errors, abort to avoid repetitive errors
  • Throw error when use_insecure_tls is false and there are no certificates setup for the cluster
  • Harvest status fails to print port number after restart
  • RPM install should create required directories
  • Collector now warns if it falls behind schedule
  • fails without internet connection
  • Version flag is missing new line on some shells #4


  • Add new exporter for InfluxDB
  • Add native install package
  • Add and improve overall documentation
  • Use systemd harvest.service on RPM and Debian installs to manage Harvest
  • Add runtime profiling support - off by default, enabled with --profiling flag. See harvest start --help for details
  • Document how to use ONTAP client certificates for password-less polling
  • Add per-poller Prometheus end-point support with promPort
  • The release, commit and build date information are baked into the release executables
  • You can pick a subset of pollers to manage by passing the name of the poller to harvest. e.g. harvest start|stop|restart POLLERS



About David Blackwell

David is a twenty year IT veteran who has been an admin for just about every aspect of a DataCenter at one time or another. When not working, or tinkering with new software at home, David spends most of his free time with his six year old son and his lovely wife.

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