Trident is NetApp’s open-source storage orchestrator for containerized workloads (Docker and Kubernetes distributions), encompassing support for a range of NetApp storage services and platforms on-premises and in the cloud. Today this includes:


  • ONTAP systems, such as FAS/AFF [A-Series/All SAN Arrays/C190]/Cloud Volumes ONTAP on any supported hyperscaler [Microsoft Azure/Amazon Web Services/Google Cloud Platform].
  • Element Software systems, namely NetApp HCI and SolidFire arrays.
  • E/EF-series systems.
  • Cloud Volumes Service on AWS, GCP, and Azure [Azure NetApp Files].


For each platform listed above, Trident provides dedicated CSI storage drivers to provision volumes and handle data management features, such as cloning, snapshotting, and volume expansion.


The Trident project will pause further development and maintenance of the eseries-iscsi storage driver to focus on other NetApp platforms and storage services that better align with the user community’s demands.


After Trident v21.04, the eseries-iscsi storage driver will not be shipped and E/EF-series backends will not be supported. The eseries-iscsi storage driver will be fully supported until April 2022 as described by Trident’s Support Policy. Users can continue to use E/EF volumes with the upstream iSCSI driver and/or NetApp’s BeeGFS storage driver. The Trident project may revisit this decision at a future date based on user demand.


About Bala RameshBabu

Bala is a Technical Marketing Engineer who focuses on Trident, NetApp's dynamic storage provisioner for Kubernetes and Docker. With a background in OpenStack, he focuses on open-source solutions and DevOps workflows. When not at work, you can find him in a soccer field or reading biographies

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