The Harvest2 team is pleased to announce the release of version 21.08.

With this release two of the most outstanding new features are; the addition of seven new dashboards; and a native to Harvest2 Docker deployment method.  You can read about all the steps and new features at,.

Here are some of the highlights and how they work.

New Features:

  • Make it easy to install Grafana, Prometheus, and Harvest with Docker Compose and auto-provisioned dashboards.
    • Full Docker setup included in Harvest download
    • Requires Docker 20.10.0 or higher
    • Download the latest version of [Harvest](, then untar and cd into the harvest directory
    • Create a `harvest.yml` file with your cluster details.
    • Below is an example with annotated comments. You can modify as needed for your environment.


This config is using the Prometheus exporter [port_range]( feature so you don't have to manage the Prometheus exporter port mappings for each poller.

    exporter: Prometheus
    port_range: 2000-2030  # <====== adjust to be greater than equal to the number of monitored clusters

    - Zapi
    - ZapiPerf
  use_insecure_tls: true   # <====== adjust as needed to enable/disable TLS checks
    - prometheus1

  infinity: # <====== add your cluster(s) here, they use the exporter defined three lines above

    datacenter: DC-01
    auth_style: basic_auth
    username: user
    password: 123#abc
  # next cluster ....

  • Generate a Docker compose file from your ‘harvest.yml’

bin/harvest generate docker full –output harvest-compose.yml

  • Start everything

docker-compose -f prom-stack.yml -f harvest-compose.yml up -d --remove-orphans

docker-compose -f prom-stack.yml -f harvest-compose.yml down

  • To Upgrade Harvest, use the restart command and a newer version of Harvest will be pulled if available.

docker-compose -f prom-stack.yml -f harvest-compose.yml restart

  • New Dashboards
    • Lun – Lun Details
    • Volume – Volume Details
    • Node – Node Details
    • Network – Network Details
    • Disk – Shows disk type, status, uptime, and aggregate
    • SVM - Details
    • SVM – Now with NFS v3 and v4 frontend

There are also more than 20 other enhancements and bug fixes.  See for the full list of new features and fixes.

Be sure to join us on the #harvest channel at thePub’s Slack workspace.  Get your invite at

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David is a twenty year IT veteran who has been an admin for just about every aspect of a DataCenter at one time or another. When not working, or tinkering with new software at home, David spends most of his free time with his six year old son and his lovely wife.

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