October is now almost up and that means another Astra Trident release is now GA! Trident v21.10.0 is now available to download on our GitHub website and contains the following new features and fixes:


Configure unixPermissions on CVS-GCP Performance volumes: Backends that use CVS-GCP with CVS-Performance can now define the default UNIX permissions that must be applied. This is done using the unixPermissions parameter. If undefined, newly created backends will use 0777. Existing backends can be updated to apply this config option on newly provisioned volumes.


Create 600 GiB to 1TiB volumes on CVS-GCP: For the CVS service type on GCP, Trident can create volumes that are between 600 GiB to 1TiB. Earlier versions created a 1TiB volume. 21.10 enables users to define the desired size in the PVC definition and result in the creation of a CVS volume that is of the same size.


The focus for this release has been on fixing issues. As an open-source project, Trident benefits from user feedback that is regularly monitored through GitHub and Slack. Users are encouraged to reach out on our Slack workspace for questions and to engage with the Trident community. Similarly, GitHub issues are a convenient way to raise requests. Trident's bug fixes for v21.10 are documented in the release CHANGELOG.


Trident's documentation is now available at docs.netapp.com! You can access it here.


Reach out to us!



As Trident continues to grow and expand its reaches, learn more about what we are doing by joining our Slack workspace. There is a lot of exciting stuff that we are working on.

About Bala RameshBabu

Bala is a Technical Marketing Engineer who focuses on Trident, NetApp's dynamic storage provisioner for Kubernetes and Docker. With a background in OpenStack, he focuses on open-source solutions and DevOps workflows. When not at work, you can find him in a soccer field or reading biographies

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