The Astra Trident team is pleased to announce our latest release: v22.04.0. It includes the following enhancements:


Unix Permissions with Azure NetApp Files: Azure NetApp Files allows users to change permissions when mounting volumes using the Unix Permissions feature. Implemented in v22.01, this feature is now automatically enabled. ANF backend definitions can have “unixPermissions” set to the desired permissions that must be applied for each volume created. By default, this is set to “0770”.


Priority class for daemonset is now set to “system-node-critical”: To assist with prioritized pod evictions in the event of node removals, Astra Trident’s daemonset utilizes an in-built PriorityClass: system-node-critical. This provides the highest priority class to daemonset pods. Pods with lower priority are evicted first in the event of node resource constraints.


Trident operator is available on Astra Trident’s operator is now listed on the catalog.


For a complete list of fixes and enhancements, refer to the CHANGELOG.

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About Bala RameshBabu

Bala is a Technical Marketing Engineer who focuses on Trident, NetApp's dynamic storage provisioner for Kubernetes and Docker. With a background in OpenStack, he focuses on open-source solutions and DevOps workflows. When not at work, you can find him in a soccer field or reading biographies

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