Accelerate development at scale with low-touch storage and Jenkins Pipeline2.0 for Continuous Integration

Imagine an integration that dramatically accelerates development at scale in the CI workflow where faster code/build cycle times allow for increased build frequency. Beyond the obvious speed and productivity gains, accelerated iterative testing and identifying bugs at a very early stage of the development cycle leads to improved code quality.  And I haven’t even gotten … Read more

CI/CD pipeline with Apprenda, Jenkins, and ONTAP 9 with APIs

Continuous Integration (CI) tests the code in an iterative and automated process to improve code quality by identifying bugs in the code in the early stages. CI allows developers to respond to market demands and release applications a lot quicker by having more control over the workflow. CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise is one of the most … Read more

Announcing the NetApp and CloudBees Jenkins Plug-in

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise is one of the most popular CI tools that are commonly used by developers. CloudBees provides a supported enterprise version of Jenkins that is lightweight enough to be used in containers, is optimized for performance, has high availability, and is scalable. The enterprise version of Jenkins from CloudBees monitors usage and shared … Read more

Automating IaaS for DevOps on FlexPod with Puppet

Hi! I’m Amit Borulkar, an engineer here at NetApp in the Converged Infrastructure group. My interactions and conversations with customers yield a common trend that I’ve observed over the past year: the walls between development and operations are being torn down by DevOps practices. Once those customers implement DevOps practices, they achieve the following: increased … Read more