Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment

NetApp Jenkins Plug-in

The NetApp Jenkins Plugin allows CI teams to automate and accelerate the continuous build and test cycle to dramatically increase developer productivity. By integrating native NetApp technologies such as cloning and snapshots into the Jenkins CI pipeline, developer workspaces are created instantaneously, compute and networking loads are reduced and storage space efficiency is improved.

For more information on the plugin, the following resources are available:

The python scripts for the NetApp Jenkins plugin are available for download on GitHub under NetApp/Jenkins-Plugin

NetApp CodeEasy

The CodeEasy FlexClone Toolkit is a DevOps approach to using NetApp FlexClone and NetApp Snapshot® technologies to dramatically save developer checkout and build time and significantly reduce storage usage. The toolkit automates steps to create and manage developer FlexClone workspaces and easily fits into most DevOps environments with few to no changes.

For more information on CodeEasy, the following resources are available:

The Perl scripts for CodeEasy are available for download on GitHub under NetApp/CodeEasy

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