Configuration Management & Automation

NetApp ONTAP and Element are community supported for Ansible via our Slack channel. Get started with Ansible on NetApp now.

NetApp is proud to be one of only six Red Hat Certified Supported Module Vendors. NetApp modules are included with Ansible, with version 2.7 having our most current release. ONTAP and Element are Community supported modules via our Slack channel. E-Series modules are provided as well at best effort. For instructions on how to get started using Ansible with NetApp see the five part series: Getting Started with NetApp and Ansible.

Ansible Tower Workflows

Ansible Tower Workflows

Workflow Templates link multiple Job Templates together. These Job Templates don’t even have to share inventory, Playbooks or even permissions. Furthermore, the links can be conditional. For example: If job template A succeeds, job template B automatically executes...

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