Enterprise storage and data management for production ready private cloud powered by OpenStack.

Learn more about NetApp’s community contributions, reference architectures, use cases and best practices for both developers and DevOps.

Why NetApp with OpenStack?

Leading Vendor

NetApp is among the frontrunners for OpenStack storage solutions, and has the broadest storage and data management portfolio in the industry (ONTAP, Element software, StorageGRID and Cloud Volumes ONTAP)

Reduces Data Replication

NetApp ONTAP’s Snapshot technology makes it possible to generate space-efficient snapshots, providing a greater utilization factor and resiliency for business operations.

Platform & Protocol Support

NetApp has two classes of platforms that can function as Cinder storage backends (ONTAP and Element). This means that there is a solution that best suits your needs, balancing data services, performance and scale-out requirements.

OpenStack Community Contribution

NetApp is a strong contributor to the OpenStack community and provides industry leading shared-filesystem access on NFS & CIFS delivered through Manila, a project that NetApp spearheaded in the OpenStack community. 

Rich Feature Set

Rich Feature Set – NetApp storage solutions support thin provisioning for on-demand allocation, NetApp Volume Encryption (NVE) for data encryption at rest, and support IPv6 addresses.  


NetApp’s platforms are fully integrated into the common OpenStack API framework; in addition, NetApp Ansible modules provide extensive support for configuration management and automation. 


Element software enables All-Flash, Scale-Out Cinder storage for NetApp HCI and SolidFire. Designed for service provider scale and OpenStack environments, Element QoS settings guarantee workload protection across vast deployments.

Accelerate Test & QA

NetApp cloning and data management features accelerate the DevOps application pipeline, making it easier for developers to non-disruptively and quickly QA against real production data.

Open Source

NetApp are among the leading all-time contributors to the Cinder and Manila codebase. You can have full confidence that NetApp is committed to fostering OpenStack development. 

NetApp Volume Encryption is Great for OpenStack

Without doubt, security is one of the most important concerns for your enterprise – and so should it be for your OpenStack cloud. Encryption not only helps to protect your data, but also ensure compliance. Starting with the Ocata release of OpenStack, the NetApp...

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OpenStack Newton (version 14) Has Landed!

OpenStack Newton (version 14) Has Landed!

NetApp would like to congratulate the OpenStack Community on the Newton release of OpenStack, which is available as of today. This time around, there is a strong focus on making it easier to use containers with OpenStack, and this theme touched several of the...

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Moving Between Clouds: OpenStack Manila Replication

Hello from 39,000 feet! I’m currently on a flight to Las Vegas, where I’ll be attending NetApp Insight 2016 (September 26-29). Believe me when I say this - my first NetApp conference was mind-blowingly informative! I was fresh out of college, and was ready to soak in...

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OpenStack is Huge at Insight 2016 – Las Vegas

OpenStack is Huge at Insight 2016 – Las Vegas

Hi, We are only a week away from Insight 2016 in Las Vegas, and I wanted to let everybody know how excited we are that OpenStack is going to have such a huge presence. We will have the usual booth on the expo floor where you can come meet folks on the NetApp OpenStack...

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