Software Development Kits

About Software Development Kits (SDKs)

APIs are the first step to extensibility. While REST and JSON-RPC are great ways to interface with infrastructure we’re of the mind that software development kits (SDKs) are where our customers and partners reach maximum effectiveness.

This page will focus on providing information about the various SDKs that NetApp publishes for it’s entire portfolio. Bring your favorite language and development environment and let’s build something!


There is a broad set of APIs and SDKs in the NetApp portfolio. We’re working hard to get them all included here. We’ll remove this note when we’ve completed that work.

Barkeeps Josh Atwell and Andrew Sullivan serve up the various API and SDK capabilities of ONTAP and ElementOS.

NetApp Service Level Manager (NSLM)

NetApp Service Level Manager (NSLM) focuses to address this challenge. It is a single consolidated interface which exposes a REST API to integrate with any NetApp storage. Using REST and NSLM, you can integrate disparate software tools to simplify how you manage your on-premises and cloud storage. IT organizations gain a view of the entire storage infrastructure with a single tool and can continue using their vendor-provided tools as needed to troubleshoot issues with specific infrastructure components. Isn’t this so cool? 😊

Use NetApp Service Level manager to:

  • Integrate storage monitoring and reporting into one management interface
  • View inventory objects, configuration, and events collectively
  • Pull essential operational and performance metrics to take action
  • Provision storage based on performance and service level requirements
  • Automate the storage operations
  • And much more

NSLM fits into to the OnCommand Suite by providing a REST API abstraction to multiple other management products, and even the storage systems themselves. In addition to this, it adds the ability to create service level definitions, allowing the storage administrator to further abstract the provisioning of storage from the underlying hardware.

SolidFire SDKs

The SolidFire system has several SDKs available for consumption. Other languages are either under development or under consideration. All SolidFire SDKs are posted on GitHub

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