Soup-to-Nuts Ansible Module Testing

Sites trying to move into a DevOps model often want to implement a Continuous Integration (CI)/Continuous Deployment (CD) process.  This can be challenging without any frames of reference.  For our Ansible development we use such a process and want to share that with you. We will describe the continuous integration and practices that were used to … Read more

Bringing Agility to NetApp’s Product Tools Analytics Globalization Services (PTAGS) Team

One of the key charters of NetApp Product Tools Analytics Globalization Services (PTAGS) is to enable a service-oriented cloud platform for big-data telemetry across the NetApp product portfolio to derive analytical insights and simplify the customer experience globally. Unique complexities require innovative solutions Working in a big data environment involves a unique set of complexities … Read more

CI/CD pipeline with Apprenda, Jenkins, and ONTAP 9 with APIs

Continuous Integration (CI) tests the code in an iterative and automated process to improve code quality by identifying bugs in the code in the early stages. CI allows developers to respond to market demands and release applications a lot quicker by having more control over the workflow. CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise is one of the most … Read more